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The Story

All about the story of Princess Estefania

Last year I wrote a filmstory about the couragous "Princess Estefania". Step by step she struggles for women`s and children`s rights worldwide! With a lot of humour she will have success doing this. This movie in many episodes is my life-project!
Princess Estefania works together with her chaotic friends Oekemoeke, Verona Quaküsemang and Prof. Eulogius - and also with help of Pulcinator di Campi Bisenzio, the little yellow duck.

"Princess Estefania" means a revolutionary new way of publishing a figur using all kinds of new media! She teaches you the real emancipation of women and also of men (if necessary). For me it`s important to show that with the help of God everything is possible.
Oekemoekes comment about Princess Estefania:"We will have a Princess who will make the world better with the help of God! She fights against injustice, slavery, sexual violence, against forced marriages and for social righteousness!"

A short biographie of Prof. Eulogius Tüddeltack: When he was young he was a good friend of Duchess Lia di Campi Bisenzio living in the Toscana. After the end of his relationship to her he had to go back to Germany, but he`s got one of Lia's clever ducklings as present on his way to his homeland. Decades later this duck writes world-history!

Soon we will see Professor Tüddeltack teaching the subject of "Cuddle-therapy" (to learn how to hug and to cuddle/Schmuse-therapy). This important part of human life was neglected totally during the last centuries in Europe! It is necessery for body and soul and I think - it is far more important than sex!
Cuddletherapy is necessary for body and soul, destroys fear, is good for confidence, is against nightmares and illness, prevents drug-abuse! It`s absolutely necessary for babies, because they can`t survive without it!
The realization of the Cuddle-Therapy is only possible if confidence between the people is existing. So we must all become "spiritual babies".
The baby is not suspicious against the mother - so the baby longs for the Cuddle-therapy and normally gets this therapy!
But the older people are often very suspicious and so specially in Germany millions of them must live without any hugs, tenderness and touches and kisses and cuddling in a lonely hell. This must be changed!
Can I change this bad situation?
No, out of my own power I`m not able to change this situation but the new person in my story, Princess Estefania, is able to raise up a revolution concerning better confidence and a big wave of tenderness and Cuddle-therapy floods over our country!
More infos on facebook: Tom Pulcinator Henry